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FO ^. ! [24 Dec 2012|08:42pm]

LOCKED - comment if you want in.
I have moved journals: giarose

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Writer's Block: The Beatles [09 Oct 2008|01:18pm]
In their heyday, The Beatles were the center of the pop universe. Many groups have been hailed as the next Beatles, but does pop music even have a center anymore? Who represents the core of pop music to you?

There will never be... NEVER BE another Beatles. Ever. I don't care what people say about the Jonas Brothers... THEY SUCK compared to The Beatles. They suck compared to most artists. I find girls to be in love with them and their corporation written music. I highly doubt they write their own music, but The Beatles wrote ALL of their own music. Even Ringo Starr wrote lyrics ("I'm So Tired" The White Album Disk 1). But, the Jonas Brothers? C'mon. They're just silly kids that lucked out on being "good looking" (I honestly don't think so, but their crying young girls count is very high) and found The Disney Channel. The Beatles didn't have anything like that to make them big. They just had themselves.
The Beatles represented playing for the love of music. Not just pop, not just rock and roll, not just r&b: music.
And NO ONE, especially those three Disney Channel wussies, will ever be the next John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
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hmph. [29 Jun 2008|07:55pm]
evil doll :)
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